TikTok Ads Playbook By Gabe Saga - Free Download Course - Common Thread Collective (2024)

TikTok Ads Playbook By Gabe Saga - Free Download Course - Common Thread Collective (1)

TikTok Ads Playbook By Gabe Saga – Free Download Course – Common Thread Collective CTC

Common Thread Collective has created this program by combining all of the top strategies, tools, & ad templates we have on TikTok advertising to better serve our clients and ADmission members.

✅ About This Course:

✅ Course Author: Gabe Saga – Common Thread Collective

✅ Official Course Price: $347

✅ Free For Our VIP Members? : Yes

✅ Download Links : Mega & Google Drive

✅ Course Size : 31.29 GB

✅ Updatable? : Yes, all future updates included.

✅ Sales Page : You can check at the bottom of this page.

🏆 Here’s What You Get & Learn With This Course:

300+ Step-by-step Videos To Create Tiktok Ad Success – Even If You’re A Beginner
Launch Bonus #1: 50+ Plug N’ Play Ad Templates
Launch Bonus #2: Library Of 654+ Proven Video-openers That Grab And Keep Attention
​Launch Bonus #3: 250+ Call To Action Templates For Your Ads
​Launch Bonus #4: The Facebook Ad To Tiktok Ad Template
​Launch Bonus #5: The No B.S. Blueprint To Launching Tiktok Ads With Maximum Success
​Launch Bonus #6: Tiktok Ads & Creative Tracking Master Template
​Launch Bonus #7: How To Create A Dozen World-class Tiktok Videos In 15 Minutes Or Less (Private Training)
​Launch Bonus #8: Tiktok Ads Manager Template
​Launch Bonus #9: TikTok Budget Calculator
​Launch Bonus #10: The “When Things Go Wrong” 10-Part Series

Course Curriculum:

Pillar 1 – Overview: A deep-dive on the top master-strategies to TikTok advertising anyone can use

Who Is This For?

Video Updates & Being Outdated

Why TikTok? Why now?

Interesting Psyche Of Someone On TikTok

How TikTok Fits Into Overall Marketing Strategy

Why You Haven’t Missed The TikTok Boat

The TikTok vs. Facebook/Meta Mindset

Differences When Running TikTok Vs. Facebook Ads

TikTok & Apple’s SKAD Network Policies

Data You Can Use To Close Clients & Sound More Like An Expert

Where To Stay Updated With TikTok News

Why TikTok Ads Grow Your Organic Presence Too
Pillar 2 – Easy Ads: The step-by-step blueprint to creating viral ads on-command

What Is “TikTok Creative” Anyway?

What Are AdToks?

Becoming A Champion With AdToks:

The Life Cycle Of Creatives On TikTok

How Do You Know If Your AdToks Are Working?

Measure: AIDA

Improving AIDA

Maximizing The Creative For The Funnel Level

Ad Compliance

The Anatomy Of An Ad

The Real Estate Of An Ad

The Plug n’ Play Creative Treasury

An “Everyday” AdTok Using A Proven Formula

Enhancing The Proven Formula

Mixing Direct Response With Creatives On TikTok

All The Headlines / Hooks You Will Ever Need

Types of CTAS

Don’t Make Prayative. Make Creative

The Start To Researching Creatives

The Secret Method To Hijack What The Algorithm Favors

Trend Discovery (Hashtags) – TikTok’s Creative Center

Trend Discovery (Songs) – TikTok’s Creative Center

Trend Discovery (Creators) – TikTok’s Creative Center

Trend Discovery (Videos) – TikTok’s Creative Center

Top Ads Dashboard – TikTok’s Creative Center

Showcases – TikTok’s Creative Center

Using TikTok Search

Do Hashtags Actually Matter

Subcultures & CommunityToks

Do’s & Don’ts Of Creating AdToks

Editing Tools To Make Creatives

The Playbook For Limitless AdTok Production

Creator Marketplace

Creative Tracking Sheet
Pillar 3 – The perfect ads setup: How to do all the “technical stuff” for TikTok ad setup without all the headache

Business TikTok Account

What Is Business Center? Why Is Business Center Important?

How To Create A Business Center

What Is Ads Manager? Why Is It Important?

How To Create An Ads Manager Account

How To Connect With Business Center

App Events

Web Events

Understanding Which TikTok Pixel Is For You

Partner Platforms / Integrations

Manual Installation

Create URL Events

Create Click Events

Pixel Dashboard: Overview

Pixel Dashboard: Test Events

Pixel Dashboard: Diagnostics

Pixel Dashboard: Change Log

Pixel Dashboard: Settings

TikTok Pixel Checker Chrome Extension

Awareness Levels While Marketing

TOF (Top of Funnel)

MOF (Middle of Funnel)

BOF (Bottom of Funnel)




Automated Rule


Creatives: Overview

Creatives: Images

Creatives: Videos

Creatives: Spark Ad Posts

Different Types Of Ads: What Are Spark Ads?

Advantages Of Using Spark Ads

Grabbing The Authentication Code

Different Types Of Ads: What Are “Ads Only” Posts aka Dark Posts?

Different Types Of Ads: Regular/Sandbox Ads

Creatives: Interactive Add-On


How To Use Audience For Strategies



Instant Experiences

Pillar 4 – Algorithm Secrets: How to structure ad campaigns to the maximum longevity and ROI with a minimum budget

How Everything Fits Together: TikTok’s Ad Structure

Awareness: Reach

Consideration: Traffic

Consideration: App Installs

Consideration: Video Views

Consideration: Lead Generation

Consideration: Community Interaction

Conversion: Conversions

Campaign Settings: Special Ad Categories

Campaign Settings: Split Test

Campaign Settings: Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO)

Campaign Settings: Budget

Promotion Type


Automated Creative Optimization (ACO)

Building An ACO


Targeting: Location

Targeting: Languages, Gender, & Age

Targeting: Audience

Targeting: Interests & Recommendations

Interest Targeting vs. Behavior Targeting

Targeting: Video Interactions (Behavior)

Targeting: Creator Interactions (Behavior)

Targeting: Hashtag Interactions (Behavior)

Targeting: Device

Target Expansion

A Breakdown On Using Budgets

TikTok Budget Calculator – 1. Finding Out Your Estimated CPA (If Not Known)

TikTok Budget Calculator – 2. Finding Your Suggested Minimum Daily & Weekly Budget

TikTok Budget Calculator – 3. Understanding How To Use Your Budget (Ad Groups)

TikTok Budget Calculator – 4. Top Of Mind Ad Groups To Test / Optimize Next

Scheduling & Dayparting

Optimization Goal: Conversion

Changing Attribution Windows On TikTok Per Event

Optimization Goal – Value

Optimization Goal: Value – Highest Value

Optimization Goal: Value – Minimum ROAS

Optimization Goal: Click

Bid Strategy: Lowest Cost

Bid Strategy: Cost Cap

Bid Strategy: Bid Cap

Advanced Settings

How Identity Impacts Running AdToks

How To Upload A Spark Ad

How To Make A Custom Identity

Ad Details: Ad Format & Ad Creative

Ad Details: Text

Interactive Add-Ons

Ad Details: Instant Page

Building An Ad: Instant Form

Instant Form: Settings

Instant Form: Banner

Instant Form: Introduction

Instant Form: Question

Instant Form: Privacy

Instant Form: Review Screen

Instant Form: Customize

Instant Form: Thank You Screen

Accessing Leads From Instant Forms

Connecting A CRM / Automation Tool For Instant Forms

Leads Center Overview

Ad Details: Website

Website: UTM & Tracking

Website: Compliance


Ad Details: Call To Action Button


The Review Process

Appealing & Support
Pillar 5 – Launching with ease: How to get launch TikTok ad campaigns like a veteran & profit

Understanding Most Of This Is Machine Learning & Algorithms

The Operations Behind How Audiences Are Targeted

All About TikTok’s Learning Phase

Campaign Considerations When Launching

Advertising Objectives For Funnel Awareness Levels

Leveling Up Your Campaign Launches



Elite (1337)

Mapping Out Campaign Launch Timelines

Best Timing To Capitalize On High User Activity On TikTok

Things To Consider: Campaigns

Things To Consider: Ad Groups

Things To Consider: Ads

Making Sense Of Priority Metrics & Data

How Setting Up Custom Columns Helps View Data

Custom Column: Performance

Custom Column: Reach

View Data: Dashboard

View Data: Overall Trends

View Data: Placements

View Data: Ad Groups (Campaign Level)

View Data: Ad (Ad Group Level)

View Data: Ad – ACO

View Data: Audience

View Data: Age & Gender

View Data: Location

View Data: Interest & Behavior

View Data: Device

Launch Strategy Playbooks

Audience Rubric

Stable Fundamentals: TOF – Prospecting

Stable Fundamentals: MOF – Remarketing & Retargeting

Stable Fundamentals: BOF – Retention

The Ready, Set, Go Campaign

Combined Funnel Campaign

Duo Prospecting + Remarketing Campaign

Duo Prospecting + Retention Campaign

Trio Prospecting + Remarketing + Retention Campaign

Minimum Viable Testing (MVT)

Lead Generation

Variant: Instant Form Quizzes

Follower DM Strategy
Pillar 6 – Infinite Scaling: How to compound results with strategic scaling and optimization

The Approach For Scaling & Optimizing

Can’t Exit The Learning Phase? Some Thoughts…

Optimize For Higher Funnel Events

Using Reporting For TipTop TikTok Metrics

TipTop TikTok Metrics: Understanding Heatmaps For Ad Groups

TipTop TikTok Metrics: Measuring Creative Fatigue

TipTop TikTok Metrics: AIDA

Typical Ways To Handle Scaling Budgets – Vertical Scaling

Typical Ways To Handle Scaling Budgets – Horizontal Scaling

Duplicate With Cost Caps

Duplicate With Accelerated Cost Cap

Duplicate With Value Based Optimization / Minimum ROAS

Farming & Harvesting Method

When This Happens…

When There Are Spend Issues

When There Are Low Conversions

When The CPA Cost Is Too High

When The CTR Is Less Than 1%

When There Are Not Enough Action Takers

When There Are High No Show Rates For Calls

When There Are Lots Of Scheduled Calls, But Few Closes – Framing

When There Are Lots Of Scheduled Calls, But Few Closes – Lead Quality

When There Are Lots Of Scheduled Calls, But Few Closes – Closer Quality

When Scaling Isn’t Yielding Results

When To Turn Off An Ad

When To Turn Off An Ad Group

When To Turn Off A Campaign

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You can find more details about the playbook according to the sales page.

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I am an expert and enthusiast assistant. I have access to a wide range of information and can provide insights on various topics. Now, let's dive into the information related to the concepts mentioned in the article about the TikTok Ads Playbook by Gabe Saga.

TikTok Ads Playbook by Gabe Saga

The TikTok Ads Playbook, created by Gabe Saga from Common Thread Collective, is a course that aims to provide strategies, tools, and ad templates for TikTok advertising. It is designed to help clients and ADmission members improve their TikTok ad campaigns. The course offers step-by-step videos, ad templates, call-to-action templates, and various bonuses to enhance ad success on TikTok.

The course covers several pillars or sections:

Pillar 1 - Overview

This section provides a deep dive into the top master strategies for TikTok advertising that anyone can use. It covers topics such as the target audience on TikTok, the interesting psyche of someone on TikTok, how TikTok fits into an overall marketing strategy, and the differences between running TikTok ads and Facebook ads.

Pillar 2 - Easy Ads

In this pillar, the course provides a step-by-step blueprint for creating viral ads on TikTok. It covers topics such as understanding TikTok creative, the life cycle of creatives on TikTok, measuring ad performance using the AIDA framework, ad compliance, and various ad formats and templates.

Pillar 3 - The Perfect Ads Setup

This section focuses on the technical aspects of setting up TikTok ads without the associated headaches. It covers topics such as creating a business center, setting up an ads manager account, understanding TikTok pixels and events, different types of ads, audience targeting, and reporting.

Pillar 4 - Algorithm Secrets

The fourth pillar delves into structuring ad campaigns for maximum longevity and return on investment (ROI) with a minimum budget. It covers topics such as TikTok's ad structure, awareness levels while marketing, campaign settings, optimization goals, bid strategies, and advanced settings.

Pillar 5 - Launching with Ease

This section provides guidance on launching TikTok ad campaigns like a veteran and maximizing profitability. It covers topics such as understanding TikTok's learning phase, campaign considerations when launching, advertising objectives for different funnel awareness levels, and launch strategy playbooks.

Pillar 6 - Infinite Scaling

The final pillar focuses on compounding results through strategic scaling and optimization. It covers topics such as scaling and optimizing campaigns, handling budget scaling, using reporting for metrics analysis, and troubleshooting common issues.

Please note that the information provided above is a summary of the concepts mentioned in the article about the TikTok Ads Playbook by Gabe Saga. For more detailed information, I recommend referring to the official sales page of the course.

Let me know if there's anything else I can assist you with!

TikTok Ads Playbook By Gabe Saga - Free Download Course - Common Thread Collective (2024)


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