TD Bank SWIFT Code: What It Is and How To Find It (2024)

TD Bank SWIFT Code: What It Is and How To Find It (1)

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When sending or receiving money internationally, you may need to provide the SWIFT code for the bank that will receive the funds. Issued by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, a SWIFT code is a combination of eight or 11 characters used to identify a financial institution and keep transactions secure. Read on to learn more about SWIFT codes and how to find the TD Bank SWIFT code.

What Is TD Bank’s SWIFT Code in the US?

The SWIFT code for the U.S. division of TD Bank is NRTHUS33XXX.

In this SWIFT code, the letters US show it’s the code for the bank’s U.S. operations. The letters XXX indicate this code belongs to the bank’s primary branch.

How To Find TD Bank’s SWIFT Code

When you open an account, you may not think to ask for the SWIFT code, but you can find the TD Bank SWIFT code by using the search feature on the bank’s website.

Another option for locating TD Bank’s SWIFT code is to contact customer service. Representatives are available at all times at 888-751-9000 for general assistance and 1-877-700-2913 for cross-border banking.

TD Bank has an active social media presence. You can communicate with bank representatives through Facebook and X. Alternatively, you can visit a branch in person if you need assistance.

Understanding SWIFT Codes

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication is an organization that facilitates communication between international financial institutions so they can transfer money back and forth. This organization does not actually process financial transactions between banks. Instead, it provides a message network for banks to use during the transaction process so they can share instructions for completing money transfers. More than 11,000 financial institutions around the world use the SWIFT network’s messaging services and software.

All SWIFT codes have either eight or 11 characters, and each group of characters provides important identifying information about the financial institution. The first four characters are the bank code. The second two characters identify the country, and the next two characters indicate the bank’s location within the country. Some banks assign a unique SWIFT code to each branch, and this is noted in the final three characters of an 11-character code. Using the correct code ensures the money transfers between the correct banks.

How SWIFT Codes Work

If you need to transfer money to someone in another country, you initiate the transaction through your bank by providing information, including the SWIFT code for the recipient’s bank. Your bank uses the SWIFT network to contact the receiving bank to get instructions for how to complete the transfer.

SWIFT Code vs. BIC

BIC stands for business identifier code, an eight- or 11-character code used to identify a business. Banks use the terms SWIFT code and BIC interchangeably because they often refer to the same identifying set of numbers and letters. However, it is possible for a bank to have a BIC and not a SWIFT code. That’s because a SWIFT code is essentially a BIC assignment by the SWIFT organization.


SWIFT also maintains a registry of IBANs for bank accounts, including checking accounts. IBAN is the acronym for International Bank Account Number, part of a numbering system used to identify bank accounts for international transactions. IBANs have two letters to indicate the country where the bank account is located, followed by the bank account number. For this reason, the length of IBANs varies by country and can have up to 34 characters.

Final Take

TD Bank is a full-service bank offering deposit accounts, credit cards, loans and CDs for customers in the United States and Canada. If you send or receive money internationally through your TD Bank checking or savings account, knowing where to find the bank’s SWIFT code is important. You’ll need to provide the code to the individual or business that is initiating the transaction. This ensures the other bank communicates with TD Bank and has the information it needs to send the money where it’s supposed to go. Be aware that TD Bank has different SWIFT codes for its operations in Canada and the United States.

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TD Bank SWIFT Code: What It Is and How To Find It (2024)


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