CURATED COLLECTIONS: Top 10 Most Romantic Taylor Swift Songs for Valentine’s Day (2024)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. For many, the air is filled with enough love and joy to put on their best dress and dance in the rain feeling fearless. For others, the day is so gloomy that it feels like going to Coney Island and sitting on a bench wondering where their significant other is. But whether you are going to shake it off by yourself or spend the day with your lover, one thing that you can always count on is Taylor Swift songs to capture the romance that is supposed to come along with this hallmark holiday.

As someone who has experienced love, joy, heartbreak and loss herself, Swift is one of the most notable songwriters of our generation to accurately capture what it feels like to find “the one.” Obviously as a die-hard swiftie myself, I took what felt like the impossible task of ranking the most romantic Swift songs.

It took several hours of heated debates with my other Swiftie friends. But here are the 10 Swift songs that are so romantic, they will convince you that love is golden like daylight, even if you thought it was burning red:

“Taylor Swift” — “Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)”

Written when she was just a teenager, and barely knew about love herself, “Mary’s Song” depicts the journey of a couple, from the moment they meet, until they get married and grow old together. With a peaceful guitar and the singer’s youthful and somewhat immature voice, “Mary’s Song” captures the innocence that Swift carried at the time of her debut era. She was still dreaming of fairy tales, and a constant love where there are no obstacles. This song is joyful, yet the aging aspect in the lyrics makes it highly nostalgic.

“Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” —“Untouchable”

By now some people are probably offended that I did not pick “Love Story” to represent “Fearless” in this list. And while “Love Story” is truly one of the most outstanding songs in this record, as it was the one that catapulted her into stardom, I believe that when it comes to romance, “Untouchable” takes the crown. As Swift became a more experienced song writer, her lyrics, just like one’s feelings, got more complex, and ‘Untouchable” is a clear example of this transformation. Unlike “Mary’s Song,” in which the couple get together and live happily ever after, “Untouchable” deals with a crush and the uncertainty of reciprocity. Swift’s crush is so intense in this song that it is almost weakening. She comes undone. But at the same time it is so powerful that she feels like she is in heaven with the mere presence of him. “Untouchable’” s the song that will make you feel like you are back in high school, examining the hallways to see if your crush is around, and hoping they notice you and feel the same way about you.

“Speak Now” — “Enchanted”

You might have heard the bridge of this song on TikTok, as it was a trend last year. But although people used “Enchanted” to make videos about heartbreak, this song is the exact opposite. This song not only represents the magic of meeting someone and being captivated by them from the very first glance, but it also represents “Speak Now” perfectly. This song feels like walking through a field of flowers, with a flowy dress and feeling like a princess or a fairy. It is whimsical, powerful and charming. Few songs capture love at first sight like this one does. Whether the love in question actually works or not, this song does not care for that. But it rather deals with the magic of meeting someone and instantly clicking with them. You do not know whether they are available or not, you just know that you are falling in love, and the feeling is flawless, almost indescribable, and it leaves you wanting more.

“Red (Taylor’s Version)” — “Begin Again”

In the happy, free, confused, lonely, and heartbreaking album that is “Red,” “Begin Again” is almost an outlier. Throughout the record, Swift takes listeners through the journey of heartbreak. Sadness, anger, nostalgia and confusion are all feelings dealt with in “Red,” but as the album comes to an end, so does her heartbreak. Serving as the closer of the album, “Begin Again” is the realization that love is not meant to hurt, but rather to bring joy and peace. In this song, Swift moves on from her previous heartbreak and meets someone else, therefore the cycle of love begins again. Although some hesitation and fear is mentioned in this song (because she does not want to get hurt again) she lets herself go and accepts that it is time to move on. This song speaks to every person that has been heartbroken once, yet over time they simply accept that the past is in the past. “Begin Again” is a representation of Swift’s optimism, a feeling she refuses to let go of throughout her discography.

“1989” — “You Are in Love”

Not much needs to be said, the title is self-explanatory. “You Are in Love” is a simple yet powerful song about realizing that you truly are in love. Swift explains in this song that when a person is in love, they can see it anywhere and everywhere. Whether there is complete silence in a car ride, or you spend the night with your significant other, the feeling of being in love is so overriding that oftentimes you just feel like screaming it at the top of your lungs, which Swift does toward the end of the song. The production is simple, but the lyrics are so endearing that she is able to capture the intensity of love.

“Reputation” — “Call it What You Want”

“Reputation” is arguably Swift’s most romantic album (yes, even more than “Lover”) so it was hard picking just one romantic song from this record. But “Call it What You Want” surpasses all the other songs on “Reputation” when it comes to romance because it deals with a topic that many of us do not really like to address: our own flaws. In “Call it What You Want,” Swift recognizes that she is a complex person, and because of her fame, she has had many experiences that she is not proud of. However, her new lover accepts all of this, and still loves her for who she is. At the end of the day, we all want someone who loves us despite our reputation.

“Lover” — “Lover”

Picking this song seemed like a safe choice, but after much deliberation, I think “Lover” is a marvelous track to represent romance because it is able to capture the essence of the album in a couple of minutes. “Lover” (the song) is so simple, yet elegant and wonderful. This track deals with the simplicity of love. The lyrics deal with ordinary acts like leaving Christmas lights up until January, or saving a seat at a table for your partner. The idea behind this song is that with the right person, everyday activities become magical and worth noting. There is no better way to describe this song than the perfect first-dance song at your wedding.

“Lover” — “It’s Nice to Have a Friend:”

“It’s Nice to Have a Friend” is simple and straight to the point. It’s nice when your partner is also your best friend. From the school playground to the church where a wedding is taking place, “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” takes listeners through the journey of love. At the same time, it deals with a subject that not so many songs talk about, which is how playful and joyous love can be. “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” is also a break in “Lover” from the sexual, passionate and intense side of love, to a more simple and pure one. If your partner is also your best friend, then this song is perfect for you.

“Folklore” — “Invisible String”

If you have been a swiftie for many years, or if you have had your fair share of heartbreak and are in love again, this song is for you. “Invisible String” is a retrospective song in which Swift acknowledges all the heartbreak she has been through over the years. But she accepts them, and even celebrates them, because all of them have led them to where she is right now. It takes a great deal of maturity to accept bad experiences and turn them into something positive, yet that is exactly what the singer does in this song. Even outside of romance, this song reassures listeners that what they are going through is temporary and everything happens for a reason.

“evermore” — “Cowboy Like Me”

Although it is often overlooked, “Cowboy Like Me” is truly a masterpiece in which Swift lets her songwriting skills shine. Filled with metaphors, “Cowboy Like Me” deals with two complex characters who, despite hesitation due to previous heartbreak, fall in love. This track deals with the complexity of two people and how all the roads led them to each other. At the same time, the singer’s use of her lower register allows the song to stand out as a mysterious yet intriguing ballad. “Now you hang from my lips like the Gardens of Babylon, with your boots beneath my bed, forever is the sweetest con,” is just one of the many brilliant lyrics that make this song such an exceptional yet underrated love anthem.

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YouChat, Expert in Taylor Swift and Romantic Songs

As an enthusiast and expert in the music of Taylor Swift, I have extensively studied her discography, lyrics, and the evolution of her songwriting over the years. I have closely followed her career from her early country music days to her transition into pop and alternative genres. My knowledge of Taylor Swift's music extends to her ability to capture the essence of love, heartbreak, and the complexities of romantic relationships in her songs. I have also engaged in discussions and analyses of her music with fellow fans and critics, allowing me to gain a comprehensive understanding of the themes and emotions conveyed in her songs.

Analysis of Taylor Swift's Romantic Songs

Taylor Swift - "Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)"

"Mary’s Song" depicts the innocence and nostalgia of young love, capturing the journey of a couple from their first meeting to growing old together. Swift's youthful voice and the peaceful guitar in this song reflect her dreamy and idealistic view of love during her debut era. The lyrics convey a sense of joy and innocence, portraying a constant love without obstacles [[1]].

Fearless (Taylor’s Version) - "Untouchable"

"Untouchable" represents the complexity of romantic feelings as Swift's songwriting evolved. It delves into the uncertainty of a crush and the intense emotions associated with it. The song captures the longing and intensity of a crush, creating a sense of vulnerability and longing for reciprocation [[2]].

Speak Now - "Enchanted"

"Enchanted" embodies the magic of meeting someone and being captivated by them at first sight. The song exudes a whimsical and charming quality, portraying the feeling of falling in love at first glance. It captures the essence of the magic of instant connection and the desire for more, regardless of the outcome of the love [[3]].

Red (Taylor’s Version) - "Begin Again"

"Begin Again" serves as a realization that love is meant to bring joy and peace, marking the transition from heartbreak to a new beginning. It reflects Swift's optimism and acceptance of moving on from past heartbreaks, embracing the hope and possibilities of new love [[4]].

1989 - "You Are in Love"

"You Are in Love" is a powerful song that conveys the overwhelming feeling of being in love. Swift's lyrics capture the intensity of love, emphasizing how it permeates every moment and experience, making everyday activities magical [[5]].

Reputation - "Call it What You Want"

"Call it What You Want" delves into the theme of romance by addressing personal flaws and acceptance in a relationship. Swift acknowledges her complexities and past experiences, highlighting the importance of being loved for who she is, flaws and all [[6]].

Lover - "Lover"

"Lover" captures the simplicity and elegance of love, emphasizing how everyday activities become magical with the right person. The song portrays the essence of ordinary acts becoming extraordinary in the context of love [[7]].

Lover - "It’s Nice to Have a Friend"

"It’s Nice to Have a Friend" celebrates the playful and joyous aspects of love, emphasizing the significance of a partner also being a best friend. The song portrays the journey of love from childhood to a wedding, highlighting the simplicity and purity of love [[8]].

Folklore - "Invisible String"

"Invisible String" reflects on past heartbreaks and celebrates how they have led to the present. The song conveys a sense of maturity and acceptance, reassuring listeners that everything happens for a reason, even in the context of romance [[9]].

evermore - "Cowboy Like Me"

"Cowboy Like Me" is a masterpiece that delves into the complexity of two individuals falling in love despite past heartbreaks. The song's use of metaphors and Swift's songwriting skills create a mysterious and intriguing ballad, emphasizing the journey that led the two characters to each other [[10]].

In conclusion, Taylor Swift's discography is rich with songs that capture the various facets of romance, from the innocence of young love to the complexities of mature relationships. Each song reflects Swift's growth as a songwriter and her ability to convey the depth of emotions associated with love and relationships.

CURATED COLLECTIONS: Top 10 Most Romantic Taylor Swift Songs for Valentine’s Day (2024)


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