Catch-up: World Snooker Championship 2024 Semi-Finals - Kyren Wilson vs David Gilbert & Stuart Bingham vs Jak Jones (2024)

Live Reporting

Owen Phillips and Frank Keogh

  1. Goodbye for nowpublished at 22:53 2 May

    22:53 2 May

    Join us again on Friday at 10:00 BST when the other semi-final resumes.

    David Gilbert and Kyren Wilson are level at 4-4.

    The first to 17 wins.

    Catch-up: World Snooker Championship 2024 Semi-Finals - Kyren Wilson vs David Gilbert & Stuart Bingham vs Jak Jones (1)Image source, Getty Images

  2. Friday's schedulepublished at 22:51 2 May

    22:51 2 May

    Semi-finals (best of 33)


    Kyren Wilson 4-4 David Gilbert


    Stuart Bingham v Jak Jones


    Kyren Wilson (12) v David Gilbert

    Live coverage

    10:00-23:00 - uninterrupted coverage on BBC iPlayer, BBC Sport website and BBC Sport mobile app

    10:00-12:15 - BBC Two

    13:45-18:00 - BBC Two

    19:00-21:00 - BBC Two

    21:00-22:00 - BBC Four


    23:15-00:05 - BBC Two

  3. Delicately poisedpublished at 22:50 2 May

    22:50 2 May

    Bingham 4-4 Jones

    Opening sessions in the semi-finals are often slow burners. This was anything but.

    It's 4-4 between Kyren Wilson and Dave Gilbert from earlier and the same scoreline after a fascinating evening session between Bingham and Jones.

  4. Postpublished at 22:48 2 May

    22:48 2 May

    Bingham 4-4 Jones

    John Virgo
    1979 UK Championship winner on BBC Two

    Great session, really enjoyed it. It's had everything. I've been impressed with Jak Jones after the start he had.

  5. 'What a session'published at 22:47 2 May

    22:47 2 May

    Bingham 4-4 Jones

    Ken Doherty
    1997 world champion on BBC Two

    It's all square at 4-4. The players have served up a treat tonight.

    There's no better place to play than the Crucible. The atmosphere is incredible.

    The session has had everything. There's been plenty of nerves but plenty of composure and quality too.

  6. The drama continuespublished at 22:44 2 May

    22:44 2 May

    Bingham 4-3 Jones

    More twists and turns at the Crucible. Jak Jones is back in as we pass the three-hour mark in this match.

    Jones makes a fine attempt to keep the break going and gets his reward as he nudges a red free and pots it.

    His lead moves on to 25 points at 40-15... and counting.

  7. Postpublished at 22:37 2 May

    22:37 2 May

    Bingham 4-3 Jones

    What happened there? Sloppy stuff from Jak Jones, who makes a total mess of a safety. He underhits the shot and leaves a red on which Stuart Bingham gleefully pots.

    Jak is furious. Way beyond disappointment.

  8. Bingham bucks the trendpublished at 22:33 2 May

    22:33 2 May

    Bingham 4-3 Jones

    That will feel a whole lot better for Stuart Bingham. He's back in front at 4-3.

    One to play. Will both semi-finals be tied at 4-4 after the first session?

  9. Postpublished at 22:32 2 May

    22:32 2 May

    Bingham 3-3 Jones

    Stuart Bingham showed he has plenty of bottle. But we knew that.

    He navigates his way around the back of the red and pots it without too much hassle. He's digging deep and needs up to and including the blue to get over the line for a 4-3 lead.

    That should be a formality. It's been a brilliant break.

    Catch-up: World Snooker Championship 2024 Semi-Finals - Kyren Wilson vs David Gilbert & Stuart Bingham vs Jak Jones (2)Image source, PA Media

  10. Postpublished at 22:27 2 May

    22:27 2 May

    Bingham 3-3 Jones

    John Virgo
    1979 UK Championship winner on BBC Two

    It's another safety mistake from Stuart Bingham.

    But no harm done. Jak Jones has an unlucky kiss in potting the red, and it's left a tough blue and he's missed it. Bingham gets a reprieve but it's an awkward looking table. The final red will need careful managing.

  11. Jones keeps his foot on the gaspublished at 22:18 2 May

    22:18 2 May

    Bingham 3-3 Jones

    Momentum certainly is shifting. Jak Jones snaffles another confident opening red. He keeps the break going after a couple of blacks disappear, cutting home a very challenging red and playing a fine positional shot off the yellow to get back down the table.

    A delightfully judged tight red into the middle is also pocketed. The Welshman's lead is 42 before he sensibly opts to play safe.

    The pressure is on Stuart Bingham for the first time.

  12. A momentum shiftpublished at 22:11 2 May

    22:11 2 May

    Bingham 3-3 Jones

    John Parrott
    1991 world champion on BBC Two

    Momentum is just massive. Jak now has confidence and is starting to hit the ball properly. Stuart knew he had his man but missed a blue off the spot to go 4-0 up and he's looking uncomfortable now.

  13. Postpublished at 22:10 2 May

    22:10 2 May

    Bingham 3-3 Jones

    Neil Robertson
    2010 world champion on BBC Two

    Things are swinging in Jak's favour almost to the point where Stuart wants to get out of here at 4-4 tonight,

  14. Back on level termspublished at 22:08 2 May

    22:08 2 May

    Bingham 3-3 Jones

    What a response to going 3-0 down. Brilliant composure from Jak Jones, who pots the final red and then black and yellow. The green soon follows and it's all square at three apiece.

    Two still to play tonight.

  15. What might have beenpublished at 22:00 2 May

    22:00 2 May

    We've missed one of the great potential match-ups at the Crucible this year.

    If Dave Gilbert and Ronnie O'Sullivan had both made it to the final, it would have been...Gilbert O'Sullivan.

    Which, of course is the name of a singer with hits in the 1970s including Alone Again (Naturally).

    One for the younger audience there.

    Catch-up: World Snooker Championship 2024 Semi-Finals - Kyren Wilson vs David Gilbert & Stuart Bingham vs Jak Jones (3)Image source, Getty Images

  16. Advantage Jonespublished at 21:58 2 May

    21:58 2 May

    Bingham 3-2 Jones

    Jak Jones has a bit of bad luck and the break is quickly over, but Stuart Bingham, hampered in his cueing by the pink, makes a hash of a safety shot. Another chance for Jones.

    He edges ahead at 47-35. Three reds still on the table. One more red and he opts to play for the snooker off the yellow and behind the green and he makes it.

    It brings another chance for Jones to draw level. He pots an inviting red but the contact sounded a bit snide so he gets the cueball cleaned before successfully taking on the black.

    The lead is 21, with 35 points remaining.

  17. 'Where's the cueball going? Where are the reds going?'published at 21:54 2 May

    21:54 2 May

    Bingham 3-2 Jones

    It's pinball snooker as two reds and the cue ball all go close to going in following a missed pot by Jak Jones. John Virgo got very excited in the comms box.

    It's the Welshman's turn to get the run of the balls though. There's nothing simple here for Stuart Bingham and he fails to get safe.

    Jones is left with a swerve shot to pot a red hovering over the pocket. Will he go for it?

    Yes he will - and it goes in. He's on the black too. Chance.

  18. Postpublished at 21:48 2 May

    21:48 2 May

    Bingham 3-2 Jones

    Stuart Bingham doesn't get the chance to split the pack as he runs out of position and has to just focus on potting the blue for a break of 35 before having to play safe.

    He'll be "disappointed", says Ken Doherty. Still, a 35-point lead puts him in the box seat.

  19. Connect three?published at 21:46 2 May

    21:46 2 May

    Bingham 3-2 Jones

    Jak Jones is back after leaving the arena briefly. Stuart Bingham breaks off and leaves nothing on.

    Can Jak Jones make it three in a row and level things up?

    The frame-winning 66 in the last frame means he's brimming with confidence but he's a fraction away from sinking a long red and Bingham takes advantage.

    This looks a decent chance. A break of 30 already. He'll need to split the pack imminently. How's your luck Ball-Run?

  20. Your snooker nicknamepublished at 21:44 2 May

    21:44 2 May

    #bbcsnooker, via WhatsApp on 03301231826 or text 81111 (UK only, standard message rates apply)

    Not my nickname... but my eight-year-old daughter just announced that her favourite snooker player is "Bin Man" (as in Bingham).


    Love it, Chris. Wonder if the 'Binman' will have a special collection on Monday - a second world championship crown?

Catch-up: World Snooker Championship 2024 Semi-Finals - Kyren Wilson vs David Gilbert & Stuart Bingham vs Jak Jones (2024)


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