Black Friday’s in its Taylor Swift era: 15 gift ideas for Swifties, starting at $5 (2024)

It's hard to go anywhere without seeing or hearing something about Taylor Swift. From the record-breaking Eras Tour to her budding romance with a certain NFL player to setting the Grammy record for the most nominations for Song of the Year and her fourth album of the year win — the 'Midnights' singer is everywhere. And if you know someone between the ages of 3 and 93, you realize the mere mention of Tay-Tay can sound off all sorts of squeals and cheers. Not all of us are plugged into what Swifties like, so we put together this list of gifts that would win over even the most devoted Taylor Swift fan.

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The best gifts for Taylor Swift fans

If you watched the Grammys, there was one elegant item that stood out on Taylor and that was her long black gloves paired with a white gown. This set is a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon and shoppers say the gloves 'look more high-end than expected.'

$9 at Amazon

Eastern Wind

Eastern Wind Black lace Fan


If you happened to have your eye on her in the crowd at the Grammys, you may have noticed Taylor hiding behind a black lace fan — seemingly blocking cameras to keep her conversations secret even to lip readers. This one from Amazon is similar and it's just $11.

$12 at Amazon

Concepts Sport

Concepts Sport Red Kansas City Chiefs V-Neck Lounge T-Shirt


The Kansas City Chiefs have a whole new set of fans, thanks to Taylor. In case you haven't been keeping up with football or pop music, she's dating Travis Kelce, the team's tight end. Dressed in red, white and yellow gear, Taylor's been a highlight for people cheering on the home team at Arrowhead Stadium — and Kelce has shown up at a few Eras Tour stops. And like football fans screaming for a touchdown, a gift of a KC jersey is a shoutout of support for this blossoming romance.

$35 at Walmart

Little Words Project

Little Words Project In My Era Bracelet


In case you missed one of the most "aww!"-inducing moments in award show history, the VMAs this year featured a sweet interaction between the popular '90s boy band *NSYNC and Taylor Swift. As the group presented the pop star with one of the many awards she won that evening, Lance Bass could be seen handing her a stack of friendship bracelets, a nod to the bracelet-swapping tradition started by Eras tour-goers. Taylor was clearly touched by the sweet gesture, and if you want to give one to your Swiftie, these are made by the Little Words Project.

$25 at Little Words Project


Friendship Bracelet Kit

$18$36Save $18

This kit quite literally has everything any Swiftie could ask for — with thousands of beads in 28 different colors, they can make all the friendship bracelets they can conjure up.

$18 at Amazon


Jofemuho Classic Long Jean Jacket


In September, Taylor was spotted out with Sophie Turner in New York City donning an extra-long jean jacket that we cannot get over. The EB Denim trench gives off fashion elite vibes, but if that's not in your budget, we found this one just like it on Amazon. If you didn't get your hands on Eras tickets, this jean jacket is the next best thing.

$49 at Amazon

Pat McGrath

Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipstick in Elson


This award-winning lip formula comes in an array of hues that will suit any skin tone (the Taylor Swift pick is Elson, a blue-red). It looks perfectly matte but feels creamy and smooth going on and has racked up thousands of rave, 5-star reviews like this one: "Gives so much coverage on so little product. The color is rich and pops instantly. Smooth application. Worth every penny."

$39 at Pat McGrath


Ginyicy Space Capsule Portable Travel Pet Carrier

$40$43Save $3

If the Swiftie in your life also loves cats, this one is a two-fer. Taylor Swift is a feline fan — she's partial to Scottish Folds. Her kitty, Olivia Benson, has appeared in several of the mega star's videos and is reportedly worth $97 million — that cat's certainly taken care of! And when they travel, Olivia Benson cruises in this cat carrier backpack with a bubble window so she can see out the back.

$40 at Amazon

Taylor Swift/Republic Records

1989 (Taylor's Version)

$38$40Save $2

Die-hard fans probably have all of Taylor Swift's music in a digital version, but if you want to level up their listening experience, you can get Taylor's Version of the tracks on vinyl. And if your Swiftie doesn't have a turntable, there are a few great starter record players on Amazon that you can check out.

$38 at Amazon


Glitter Paint Pens

$20$29Save $9

Taylor has released three playlists on Apple Music which she categorized by pen types: Glitter Gel Pen Songs, Quill Pen Songs and Fountain Pen Songs. The playlists are based on what type of writing tool she used while coming up with the tunes. We thought the glitter options were the most fun, but if you want to give your Swiftie something sophisticated, try this classy fountain pen — she used to dip a quill into ink when she was a teenager.

$20 at Amazon


Personalized 1989 Style Journal


Inspired by the cover of Taylor's 1989 (Taylor's Version), this personalized journal (you can put your Swifite's name on it) could get your little songwriter started on their own career. Taylor's been scribbling in journals for years; some of the words within those pages have turned into her most famous songs.

$23 at Etsy


Sanyes USB Charging LED Light-Up Shoes


"I'm turning on my party shoes for vocals," Taylor said during a recording session in the documentary Miss Americana. "We've never really gotten a good take without them, have we?"

It doesn't look like the exact shoes are available anymore, but Amazon shoppers love this pair.

$36 at Amazon

A Little Golden Book

Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography

$5$6Save $1

Taylor's reputationhas set the pop world on fire and she's gone to great lengths to control the narrative about her. She's shaped up to be a great role model for her millions of fans, young and not-so-young. This Little Golden Book is for her littlest fans. It tracks her working hard as she rises to fame and meets fans around the world while she's on tour with the delightful illustrations you expect from Little Golden Books. It's a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon, beating out both Dolly Parton's and Betty White's Little Golden Books.

$5 at Amazon


Tyniffer Reputation Snake Necklace

$13$15Save $2

Perhaps a shiny piece of jewelry is what your Switie wants. This one is a layered number with a snake dangling below the Reputation tour logo. That's not your only option — there are 20 other Taylor-themed charms to choose from.

$13 at Amazon


MyCozyCups Swiftea 11-Ounce Mug


What makes those bleary-eyed morning better? A shot of T-Swift lyrics alongside your morning brew.

$15 at Amazon

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Black Friday’s in its Taylor Swift era: 15 gift ideas for Swifties, starting at $5 (2024)


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