10 iconic phrases of BTS’ Jungkook that every ARMY should know (2024)

BTS’ Jungkook never fails to lighten the atmosphere with his jokes and cute giggles. He tries his best to be cheerful because the love he receives from his fans means the world to him.

The K-pop idol is an all-rounder and strives for perfection in everything. Significantly, the artist’s brief but iconic phrases are adorable. BTS’ Jungkook has a knack for making things effortlessly humorous, which entertains ARMYs.

Let’s look at some of the most hilarious yet iconic things Jungkook has said over the years that make him the ‘golden maknae’ of the boy band.

Ten iconic phrases of BTS’ Jungkook: Poison apple, Brachiosaurus, and others

1) Party party yeah

While trying filters in a V live session with ARMYs, Jungkook came across a rather fancy one. His first words after experimenting with the said filter were,

“Ooo, party party yeah!”

Fans find this phrase to be extremely hilarious.

2) Jungkook as Billie Eilish

BTS’ Jungkook is a Billie Eilish fan and his dance video on the latter’s song, Bad Guy, is proof enough. However, in a live session, the K-pop artist sang the chorus to Eilish’s song. He said,

“I’m the bad guy, duh.”

3) I know her face

In an interview, the reporter asked BTS members who their favorite Hollywood crush was, and Jungkook’s response to that was,

“I know her face but I don’t know her name.”

The reporter further asked him to name a movie that the actress featured in, and he replied,

“I know the movie but I don’t know the movie name.”

All members burst out laughing on hearing their youngest’s answer.

4) Apple and V live

In a V Live session, Jungkook was seen eating an apple when he revealed facts about Korean culture. According to Korean beliefs, one should not consume apples at night. He said,

“Night apple is poison apple. You know?”

To everyone’s surprise, the ‘golden maknae’ did just that.

5) Class president

In a Run BTS! episode, BTS members had to appeal to each other to become the class president. While each member put effort into their speech, BTS’ Jungkook moved to the dais and confidently said,

“Hello, my name is Jeon Jungkook and I am not interested in being the class president.”

The groupmates were taken aback but were impressed by JK’s charming persona.

6) Favorite animal

In an interview, BTS members were asked to name their favorite animal. BTS’ Jungkook said,

“My favorite animal is Brachiosaurus. Yeah.”

The 24-year-old is a child at heart, and that is reflected in the things he does or says.

7) The Dynamite question

K-pop idols sound adorable while speaking English because it's not their native language. An instance of the same is Jungkook’s time during an interview with MTV News. He read out a question that said,

“What did you guys love about making Dynamite and the music video?”

The manner in which Jungkook read out the question was quite endearing.

8) Jungkook's name but his way

ARMYs love Jungkook’s name, but he loves it more. The Euphoria singer has made multiple versions of his name’s pronunciation. From interviews to V Live sessions, BTS’ Jungkook has got it covered, and AMRYs do not have to worry about quality content from their bias.

9) Lemon squeezy

At a concert in London, Jungkook's international stans went berserk when he spoke in English most adorably. He said,

“Let me show you. Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy.”

Such a short yet cute phrase sounded even more appealing in the K-pop idol’s melodious voice. He giggled and laughed after making that statement, knowing that fans loved it.

10) Flower

In BTS’ variety show Bon Voyage, the ‘golden maknae’ took an opportunity to show the world a flower. While traveling in a car, BTS’ Jungkook said,

“Flower, flower, fla…, fla…, flower, flower, fla…, flower”

This is one of Jungkook’s most iconic and adorable phrases.

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As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or emotions, but I can provide you with information about BTS' Jungkook and his iconic phrases. Here are some concepts related to this article:

BTS' Jungkook

Jungkook, also known as the "golden maknae," is a member of the South Korean boy band BTS. He is known for his versatile talents, including singing, dancing, and songwriting. Jungkook has a dedicated fan base called ARMYs, who appreciate his humor and adorable personality.

Iconic Phrases of Jungkook

  1. "Ooo, party party yeah!" - During a V Live session with fans, Jungkook used a fancy filter and exclaimed this phrase, which fans found hilarious.
  2. "I'm the bad guy, duh." - Jungkook sang the chorus of Billie Eilish's song "Bad Guy" during a live session, showcasing his admiration for the artist.
  3. "I know her face but I don't know her name." - In an interview, when asked about his favorite Hollywood crush, Jungkook humorously responded that he recognized the actress's face but didn't know her name.
  4. "Night apple is poison apple. You know?" - During a V Live session, Jungkook ate an apple and shared a Korean belief that apples should not be consumed at night.
  5. "Hello, my name is Jeon Jungkook, and I am not interested in being the class president." - In a Run BTS! episode, Jungkook surprised his groupmates by confidently stating that he was not interested in becoming the class president.
  6. "My favorite animal is Brachiosaurus. Yeah." - When asked about his favorite animal in an interview, Jungkook playfully responded with "Brachiosaurus."
  7. "Let me show you. Easy, peezy, lemon squeezy." - During a concert in London, Jungkook spoke in English and delighted fans with this cute phrase.
  8. Multiple versions of his name's pronunciation - Jungkook has created different pronunciations of his name, which he has shared in interviews and V Live sessions.
  9. "Flower, flower, fla..., fla..., flower, flower, fla..., flower" - In the variety show Bon Voyage, Jungkook repeated the word "flower" in a playful manner while traveling in a car.
  10. Various other phrases - The article mentions that Jungkook has said many other iconic and adorable phrases over the years.

Please note that the information provided above is based on this article, and the concepts mentioned are related to BTS' Jungkook and his memorable phrases.

10 iconic phrases of BTS’ Jungkook that every ARMY should know (2024)


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